What is Healers Online Workshop?

What is Healers Online Workshop (HOW)?


We are an online group of energy healing practitioners working together to develop our individual practices and become more skilled in our work. We offer twice monthly live interactive webinars, an archive of four years' worth of past webinars, opportunity to work with others healers through session exchanges and accountability. We offer an optional mastermind group and individual mentoring sessions at a very reasonable cost. Members have full-time access to the leadership team through a private Facebook page.


Why is there a membership fee?


We believe it is reasonable to charge a fair amount for the resources we offer. Memberships are renewable on a month-to-month basis without obligation. Our webinars are live, interactive and sometimes personal: for reasons of confidentiality we prefer to keep access reserved for members only.

There are different levels of membership which offer access to the different levels of services provided.

One-on-one monthly sessions are scheduled to offer access to all three members of the leadership team.


What does HOW offer that I can’t find elsewhere?


HOW is committed to assisting energy healers develop their intuition and creativity, a number of our members have been inspired to develop new applications of their healing modality as well as create thriving practices. We see personal and professional growth as different sides of the same coin. We regard everyone as both a student and a teacher worthy of respect. We love to discuss and share new ideas and angles to further our healing skills. H0W members are encouraged to participate actively in our open-minded community.

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